How Often Should I Pressure Wash or Clean My Vinyl Siding?

By Patrick Juma, Dec 03, 2018

Even though vinyl is a durable, versatile and resilient building material, it does require regular care and cleaning. This prevents dirt and other contaminants from building up on the walls. Most experts recommend that vinyl siding should be cleaned once or twice a year.

Below are some reasons for their recommendations.

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Vinyl Siding Colour

Colour can influence how often you will clean your siding. White vinyl siding looks great when it is clean but it doesn’t stay clean for long. It may require cleaning more than once a year. Dark shades like ,vibrant red and dark brown also look good though they also show a lot of dirt. Shades of off white like grey ,beige ,sage and light blue appealing to the eye and show much less dirt than stark white or the darker shades.


Sidings of houses located near a farm or near a dirt road, may need to be washed twice a year in spring and late fall.

Construction Zone

Having a house in a new residential area with construction of other units going on, or your neighbours are doing some major renovations, could pose a challenge to your house keeping efforts. A lot of dirt and dust settles on your house and you may need to clean your siding regularly.

Selling you House

Clean walls of your house make it homely ,appealing and will increase its value. Studies show that enhancing the exterior of your home is one of the top five effective ways to boost home value and curb appeal as you place your house on the market.

Remove Mildew and Grime

As moisture in the air hits the sides of your home ,mold and mildew can form on the surface of your vinyl siding .If left uncleaned ,they will grow and spread across the surface of your vinyl .The mold may even find its way into the framework of your home if the envelope of your home is not properly sealed. That can damage the structure of the house.

Routine siding cleaning will remove the algae, mold and mildew at the early stages and revitalize the appearance of your outdoors.

Curb Appeal

Regular cleaning of the vinyl keeps it looking new ,crisp and attractive. The longer time period between the washing, the harder it is to remove the dirt from the siding.

Siding Cleaning In Edmonton

Siding Cleaning In Edmonton

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