6 Reasons Why Window Cleaning Is Important

By Patrick Juma, Jan 30, 2017

With every day’s hustle and bustle, most home owners find window cleaning a pending item on their to-do list. To other home owners, the continuous ritual of keeping the windows clean is not their idea of fun.

However, as tedious as the chore of cleaning windows can be, making an effort to keep them sparkling is important and beneficial for you and your family. Consider the following reasons why window cleaning will make your life better.

1. Get a better view! 

A beautiful view is priceless. Soon, the white winter will be over and spring will bring with it lush green grass and blossoming flowers. You, as a homeowner will want the best view possible through which to enjoy them. Keeping your windows clean means, you will always feel neat, cheerful, and satisfied. Plus, you won’t have to panic when unexpected guests show up at your door.

2. Prolong the life of your glass panes and window frames

Your window panes are exposed to tough weather and collect dirt and grime, that over time, make them fragile and cause them to loss their transparency. The longer the hard minerals, acid rain and oxidation is allowed to sit on the surface of glass, the harder the stains are to remove. This could completely ruin your windows.

Frequent window cleaning makes it easy to remove the stubborn hard water stains, grime and mould that are a common problem giving your windows extra years. This is also gentle on your pocket over time.

3. Help in selling your home

When you are putting your house on the market, presentation can be a key to selling faster and getting a better price. Experienced realtors testify increased interest towards the properties with clean windows among potential property buyers. Clean windows make the house look tidy, fresh and simply pleasant. You want buyers to be able to easily envision themselves in your home, so it’s important to clean the distracting dirt that might cloud that vision.

4. Increase professional business image

If you own or run a business, this is important to know. Studies show that windows significantly affect the way customers perceive the credibility of a business. Consciously or unconsciously, most of the potential customers will pay attention to the cleanness of your windows when visiting the store. Bright clean windows will testify an attitude of paying attention to detail and represent the business as trustworthy and attractive.

5. Heat efficiency

Did you know that dirty windows affect overall heat efficiency of your house? During winter, grimy and dirty windows actually block the sun’s rays from entering your space, meaning that the warm light cannot actually help heat the space during the day. The result is higher heating costs as your furnace has to make up for the difference. Regular window cleaning, helps lower your heating costs.

6. A generally happier and healthier home

Finally, you probably have felt it for yourself, clean windows make you feel better. Gazing out through them, viewing the different seasons in their full colours is picturesque. Some people might even mention an increase in self-esteem and boost in positive thinking.

Don’t let yourself down with smears and smudge. If window cleaning still sparks dread in you or no one in your household is willing to do the windows, call All Clean Property Services. We utilize state of art equipment, green products and our highly-trained staff are ready to give your windows a nice shine, catching every detail from top to bottom. You can expect us on time and organized throughout our entire service and we will leave every window clean and ready for you to enjoy the view.

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Patrick Juma

Patrick Juma, The founder & CEO of ALL CLEAN Property Services. You can find him on Linkedin.

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